This post is a shoutout. 

A shoutout to the folk who helped me make it through university when at many times I really didn’t think I could. 

Depression is a horrible little thing. My time at university was shrouded by unconfidence, doubt, paralysing anxiety, panic, fear and a lack of focus that made the smallest of readings a huge task. 

To the folk at Trinity – thank you for accepting me when I didn’t have the confidence to even say hello to other humans. For giving me a reason to get on the train every morning and trek all the way across the border because at least I got to see you weirdos when I got there. 

Queens was a different ball game altogether. Definitely the hardest two years but also the best. Thank you to the people who picked me up when I fell down and to those who just lay down there with me for a while until I was ready to get up again. To the people who cheered me on and told me I could do it when I was overwhelmed. To the folk who danced with me in the kitchen. To the folk who didn’t need to speak but instead offered coexistence for a few hours. To the people who were paddling alongside me in the mental health sucks boat (we did it wow). To the people who told me you can when I said I couldn’t. 

To my Mum, who when I was scared of failing or doing badly she reminded me my expectations were self-imposed and that I’d always be enough for her regardless of what any degree said. 

Thank you to my nearest and dearest. To the people who see the  good in me when I only see bad, you’re pretty okay. Because of you I’ve made it through and somehow I’m graduating with a 2:1 which I didn’t think was remotely possible.