Breathe little one. You are much too hard on yourself. I know it’s scary and you can feel like you are drowning, that it all gets a little too much, that you are a failure – but that is not the case.

I know you feel alone – but take a closer look around. You are surrounded. Sometime soon someone will come along who sees your light and how much you are worth even when you don’t. People who make you laugh when you want to cry. So don’t chase after or pursue people who don’t recognise your value. Don’t accept less than you are worth. Don’t panic – you’ve got a big heart and you’re extremely sensitive, odds are you’re going to get hurt more than once, but when you get knocked down, please try to get back up again and keep going.

Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself how you would treat others, with kindness and care. Be patient – sometimes life sucks and that is just how it is, but dance away your sorrow and keep going.

I know you feel useless – there’s expectation weighing you down – but just keep going. If you don’t know your purpose yet, it’ll come to you soon. Don’t settle or be unhappy. You deserve to smile, to be happy, to be filled with joy. To be a success is to love and be loved, you’ve always thought that so don’t let what society tells you you need to be blur your priorities. Love wholeheartedly. Be there for the broken.

You are not alone dear friend. Reach out. Do not feel like a burden. You have wonderful family and friends. They love you despite the dark bits. Remember that. Keep going even when it feels like you want to stop and hide under your duvet for a year.

You’ll make it. It’s okay to be scared.

Much love,



Just a little letter not only as a reminder to me, but a reminder to all. It’s Mental Health awareness week so please take the time to check in with yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You got this!

Anyway, I’m away to twirl in my have-a-good-day skirt to the sounds of Shakira.