I’ve decided I’m okay with the erratic pattern of posting on this blog. I’m extremely busy…procrastinating. Let’s see, what’s new? Semester one is finished and I’m now preparing for the final hurdle of my degree (laughs through the tears).

I’m not usually one to jump on the New Year’s resolutions bandwagon but 2017 is set to be the scariest year yet so I thought some order would be good. This blog post is therefore dedicated to me sharing my ‘goals’ (how terribly cliché) with you.

  1. Don’t panic: this seems rather silly to put down as of course I’m going to panic. I panic every day – whether I’m sitting having a cup of tea or driving down the M1, the overwhelming panic of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT hits at random times and cannot be controlled. Yet, I set this as a reminder that it is 300% okay to be worried and panicking is fine, just not all the time. (s/o to my fellow final year friends who know exactly this feeling)
  2. Work REALLY hard: It’s my last semester at uni and I’m not going to lie, I feel like I’ve completely fumbled my way through, still with absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. Every semester the familiar ‘yeah I’m going to be so organised and start prepping for assignments 16 weeks in advance’ offers security but then it’s suddenly week 11 and there are only 12 weeks in a semester and you are back to the ‘night-before’ dread and stress. CAN’T DO THAT THIS SEMESTER.
  3. Be patient: I’m quite possibly the least patient human I know, whether it’s waiting in traffic, waiting on a reply to a message… I have no time for it. Which is not good! So I need to work on being accountable, being there for people and not throwing my phone out the window every time someone doesn’t reply in two seconds (don’t worry I don’t actually do that). I guess being a lot more chilled goes hand in hand with this one, in that the control freak in me needs to sit the flip down.
  4. Travel: To be very honest this one scares me a little, it’s rather scary to think about going away off somewhere alone – BUT also quite exciting and there’s so much to see and do.
  5. Learn something new: My first year at uni was spent travelling up and down to Dublin so I didn’t overly get the chance to try things like you’re supposed to, so I hope this semester to try something ridiculous. Like salsa dancing, I mean I love Shakira, but if you know me you know I have the rhythm of a wooden spoon.
  6. Be confident: This is a big one. Possibly the hardest one. I guess confidence comes with time and patience with yourself. Having the courage to put yourself out there even when you feel like an idiot and literally just want to curl in a ball.
  7. Talk to new people: I suppose this ties in well with the confidence thing. Talking to new people is quite frightening though, isn’t it. I’m aware that I might give off the best first impression, I’ve unfortunately inherited that Northern Irish trait of being ridiculously sarcastic to the point were even I’m not sure what I mean, and that sometimes comes across like I’m mean. I’m not, promise. Just trying to overcompensate with being ‘funny’ because I’m terrified you’ll find me boring otherwise. So tone the sarcasm down. Be kind, friendly, nice.
  8. Wake up early: I’m not a morning person. I slightly resemble a mixture of an angry troll and grouchy dinosaur first thing in the morning. My friend (who is one of those people who loves waking up first thing in the morning, jumping out of bed practically singing with the birds) assures me that it only takes a few early starts to get used to it. I hope so.
  9. Get fit: Please don’t hit me for this one, I know it’s a v traditional ‘new year, new me’ one.  I do pay for gym membership, and I do go, but I suppose REALLY try hard to exercise and eat well.
  10. Smile frequently: I think I have one of those resting faces that slightly looks like you’re ready to commit murder at any point. I guess to avoid scaring people away I must try to smile much more frequently. Do things that make me smile, spend time with folk who make me laugh. YET remembering that it is really okay not to be okay.

So there we go. I’m being extremely optimistic with ten goals as in reality I’ll probably stick to about one and a half, but aim high and all that.